Electricity generation is the process of generating electric power from other sources of primary energy. This basic method is still used today: electricity is generated by the movement of a loop of wire, or disc of copper between the poles of a magnet. For electric utilities, it is the first process in the delivery of electricity to consumers. The other processes, electricity transmission, distribution, and electrical power storage and recovery using pumped-storage methods are normally carried out by the electric power industry. Electricity is most often generated at a power station by electromechanical generators, primarily driven by heat engines fueled by chemical combustion or nuclear fission but also by other means such as the kinetic energy of flowing water and wind. Other energy sources include solar photovoltaics and geothermal power and electrochemical batteries. TERRADYNNE has a good source to provide quality and trusted branded products brands available across the globe. TERRADYNNE has a reputation in the Industry for its unmatched service and professionalism. TERRADYNNE your trusted partner to provide customized service and support.